Driveway Paving

Because pulling into your driveway should be a pleasure.

K&L Industries delivers asphalt driveway paving to Portland residents so that they can enjoy arriving home to a driveway they are proud of.

For homeowners, a driveway does not only send a message to the world. It also affects how the owners feel every time they pull into or away from their home. A driveway is the red carpet to your personal property, and K&L Industries ensure it feels like one.

Our driveway paving services offer comprehensive asphalt paving services for driveways of any size. We guarantee a flat, smooth driveway surface that is enjoyable to drive over and as functional as possible.

Asphalt’s innate qualities make it a great choice for driveway paving. While it can be efficiently installed to reduce the time a project takes, it is also durable and affordable. Once we have paved your driveway and allowed for the 24 hour setting time free of foot or vehicle traffic, your driveway will last up to 20 years. With our professional services, maintenance costs are small.

As with all of the services K&L Industries carries out, we stay in close contact with our client throughout the entirety of the job. We keep clients up-to-date on developments so that they have a full picture of their project.

For quality paving, affordable driveway paving in Portland, call K&L Industries today!

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Our team of professional and experienced pavers approaches every job with absolute commitment, working quickly and efficiently to get your job done.

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