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Portland’s trusted professional paving company.

K&L Industries has delivered high-quality paving services to residents and businesses for over 30 years. From the very first days of operation, our family-owned and run paving company put the satisfaction of our customers at the center of its work.

As a local company, we understand what makes Portland tick. We understand the expectations that Portland people have of their service providers. And as a local company, we are uniquely linked to the area we serve; our customers are our neighbors, we want to provide you with the very best.

But quality service is only valuable when it is affordable. For that reason, K&L Industries strives to make all of our asphalt paving services accessible in price. We pass on savings we make to our clients but refuse to budge on the industry-leading quality we provide.

K&L Industries is a team of experienced and committed paving specialists. Our team members have many years in the business and bring all their know-how to every job. They are backed by a fleet of modern machinery and can carry out commercial and residential paving jobs of any scale.

And as a local business, we are also a company that nurtures the talent of Portland’s youngsters and provides them with a superb environment to begin their paving career.

For a local paving company that has the community at heart, K&L Industries is Portland’s best.

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Our team of professional and experienced pavers approaches every job with absolute commitment, working quickly and efficiently to get your job done.

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